Using external editor

I am using Scrivener to reorganise my 80K+ words.

I LOVE being able to open any “Scene” in Word using the external editor link (sorry I find the spell check much easier in Word and I have LOTS of cleaning up to do). It opens wonderfully fast.

However, I have one HUGE problem: If I open a “Scene” in Word and then edit it, when I return to Scrivener the displayed doc is not updated. If I then make edits to the Scrivener doc and THEN try and open in Word again I get a “document in use elsewhere - open in read only?” dialogue.

Worse still, if I get confused and close Scrivener the edits done originally in Word are lost.

QUESTION Is it possible to force a refresh on the file in Scrivener OTHER than coming out of the program and going back in (I will have over 100 “Scenes” I guess)?

Thanks in advance

Wow. This is going to hurt, so I apologize.

That’s not really supposed to be possible. The “open in external editor” command is meant for non-text files–images, PDFs, etc.–things that Scrivener can’t edit. Document files should not be allowed to access that, and you’ll see that documents you create in Scrivener don’t offer that option, but apparently imported documents do and they should not, which as you’ve seen does lead to problems. So…yeah. There’s not a better way to refresh the document than closing and reopening the project mainly because that’s not something that’s meant to be there. Sorry!

possibly copy out and paste back in? in place of using open in external editor option.

Jennifer, your tone is delightful, you promptness impressive … sadly your news is hellish :frowning: I really did think I had found the perfect way of working :frowning: :frowning: :open_mouth:

Have to go away and have another look. I have a LOT of spell checking to do (when on a roll I just pour it in and I am NOT the best typist). Guess I should clean up in Word and then do the splits (your message arrived LITERALLY 5 mins before I started splitting).

Just a thought, in future releases it might be a good idea to allow this. I know Word very well. I am not using Scrivener as a word processor mainly but as an organiser.

If someone knows and likes another word processor why FORCE them to use a new one.

Managing the handing control over to Word and then giving it back is, I think, really very simple in the Windoze environment. Just a thought.

But once again a huge “THANK YOU” for your EXCELLENT moderating of this forum.


PS Meleesa once I have the donkey work done I will probably be OK with Scrivener’s editor/spell checker but if I HAVE to this looks the way to go or do an edit, close Scrivener and then reopen it which also works fine… well in this Beta anyways :slight_smile: