Using File's names as Section Titles

Hello all,

Apologies if I should’ve been more adept at searching for this - but not entirely clear on the terminology!

I compiled a lengthy speech in Scrivener for the weekend past. It was incredibly useful, being able to drag the component parts around, until the order flowed, and made sense.

I named each section/file (in the Binder) with a unique identifier. Upon compiling, I was hoping I would be able to get the header to pull its ‘name’ from that identifier/descriptor- as opposed to using the Project Name. The use-case would be, as you flip the page during the speech, top-right would be that identifier, acting basically as a Header for that particular page - this way you know where you are at in a quick glance.

I hope the above makes sense? Regardless- I couldn’t figure out how to do it - have I missed something, or is that not possible?

Have you tried using the <$sectiontitle> placeholder in the header field? It sounds like you’re using the <$projecttitle> token, which of course just does what it sounds like. Section title on the other hand will print the name of the last section that generated a page break. As described in the Help/Placeholder Tags List:

Ah - many thanks - that looks to be exactly what I needed to do! Will give it a whirl. Thanks again!