Using folders for précis

Lost my way to do something I’m sure I was able to do before, and do not find the way to do it.
I have a film script (could just as well be a novel or whatever), where I’ve collected the different scenes in folders denoting different acts/sequences.
Now I want to use the folders to write a précis of the script. The idea is to have one folder open in the left window and the content of that folder open as scrivenings in the right window, and write a condensed version of the act/sequence in/on the folder as I scroll through the scrivenings.
My problem is that I seem unable to open JUST the folder that I want to write in/on in the left window. If I click on the folder it opens up with all its containing scenes in cork board, outline or scrivenings, while I want it to open as a single document.
So, now I write my précis on index cards on the cork board. But it is not ideal, and limits the formatting I can do.
I’m sure there is a simple solution to this. I have some reminiscense that it has to do with the settings of folders as folders or documents, or something. I just can’t find it.

You know the three 3-section button in the toolbar near the center with a tiny corkboard and outline icons? To the left of the tiny corkboard icon is either a stack of paper pages, or a single page, depending on which editor currently has the focus of input. Try clicking into the left editor with the scrivenings view of the folder’s documents. Then click on the ‘stack-of-pages’ icon to the left of the cork-board icon; it should toggle between scrivenings of all contents of the folder, and the text area of the folder itself.

Thanks Robert,

missed the toggeling part.


FYI, there’s a preference setting that makes it so the text of a container always shows in Scrivenings mode, in case you find that useful. It’s called “Include enclosing group in combined Scrivenings”, and can be found in the Preferences window under the Navigation section.