Using headings from enumerated outline in full compile

I am working on a paper for which the journal requires enumerated headings, just like those automatically generated in the “enumerated outline” in the compile step.

Is there some way to compile the WHOLE DOCUMENT (not just the outline) with those enumerated headings?


Ok, I think I figured it out. Under Compile…Formatting…Custom

if I click off all Title and Text boxes, I seem to get enumerated headings along with the associated text in each section.

Next thing to figure out - I need to get rid of the indentations on the lower-tier enumerated headings.

The Formatting settings work top-down, so for example if you delete the “Level 5+” rule, then the lowest setting will be “Level 4+”, which will apply to four and anything nested deeper. Since in this particular preset there are indent settings specific to five levels of depth, deleting the lower level rules from the top table will cause the settings from higher in the hierarchy to be used for the rest. If you only want three levels of indent, then delete 4 and 5, if that makes sense.