Using item from research in manuscript


I’m new to Scrivener. I wanted to be able to use some elements of my research within my actual manuscript. Is it possible to say ‘place’ image from research? I cant seem to find a way! What’s am I missing? I’m referring specifically to the iPad here. I realised when I purchased the software that it’s already very out of date - I hope I didn’t make a mistake in trusting it to do what I need!

Any help greatly appreciated!


The way I would do it is to copy the image out of the research document (with screen shot, perhaps), then import that new image into the manuscript. Pretty simple to do and is a standard way of using computers like that.

If you have an IMAGE in Research, put <$img:name> (image name) in the manuscript where you want it to show up. If you want to include a text file, use <$include>. But that’s in MacOS or Windows, not sure it works in iOS. If it’s anything else, you probably can’t do it on any of the 3 platforms.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes it’s simple to do, I agree. It doesn’t solve my issue at all though. I may as well reimport the original image - but if the image is already imported it seems silly to need to reimport it, whether its a screenshot or the original image makes no difference.
As for a standard way of using computers, I’ll have to disagree - obviously the standard way off doing such things is drag and drop or copy and paste.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

My bad, I guess. Based on what you said in the OP, it seemed as though the image was inside a document and not an individual image file already stored in Research. What @drmajorbob recommended is better and what I do all the time. I thought about suggesting that to you but as this method of linking to entire image file is in the Scrivener documentation and I figured you already knew that and was seeking other ideas. I’m also not sure it works in iOS. Explore.

I was rather hoping I could use the research folder also as a repository for things I wish to insert into my manuscript, I’m just looking for a way to make that work.
If it cant work, I’ll just hold the research repository in a folder in the files app or somewhere and use split screen plus drag and drop instead.
Not a massive deal, I just liked the sound of the ‘shoebox’ approach that the app seemed to offer.

It works well on Mac and Windows … not on IOS?

On iOS, the research section works well for look at stuff you put in there, which is the intended use I suppose. I just wanted to be able to actually use elements of my research within this particular manuscript.
I have no idea if the Mac or Windows versions allow it or how it works on those systems.

I have a Mac, but it’s really just a server for my Lightroom library - I’m primarily a photographer you see, hence I suppose, my interest in the particular facet of Scrivener!
I do generally use DTP type software along with a generic word processor, but I was attracted by Scriveners style and the general respect it garners. Plus, I write normal long form text also, so it’s not my only use case.

Sorry, but we told you it works as we understand you want. Perhaps my understanding is flawed. But I do as explained by @drmajorbob all the time. Fully explained in the “Scrivener Manual”. As you have a Mac, give it a try. I think you’ll like it.

I’m not sure there any need to be so aggressive - you ‘told’ me how it works on the Mac when I’m asking about the iPad. This is the iOS forum. I’ll try the image tag thing, thanks for adding ‘be grouchy’ to my list of things to do today! :grinning:

True. I sometimes answer before realizing it’s coming from iOS, where my knowledge is very limited.

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