Using Keyboard Maestro to Consolidate Keystrokes

I found this thread on the Devonthink forums, and I thought it might be interesting to users of Scrivener (not to mention other applications) as it could obviously be adapted to work in other contexts. … =2&t=13408

Cheers, Martin.

I love Keyboard Maestro. From a customizable Pasteboard to text expansion to other type of Macros, it is a huge time saver and may replace multiple applications. It has saved me many hours of work, and works for simple stuff as well. For example, I recently replaced my Apple keyboard, and thanks to Keyboard Maestro I was able to add some missing functions, such as opening/closing the DVD tray and changing the sound volume.

I received a referral link a while ago, and it gives customers a 20% discount:

If 3 people use my referral link I’ll get version 5 for free, but I don’t mind paying for version 5 so if posting my referral link is inappropriate feel free to remove it or let me know and I’ll remove it.