Using Keyword adn Label colors on corkboard

I am trying to add keyword and label colors to my index cards. I’ve managed to figure out the keyword tapes but am still struggling with the labels.

When I go to View->Corkboard options, the list shows options for only one of my labels, so I’m unable to choose a different label color. For example, I have a label named “Start Here.” The options menu gives me: Arrange by Start Here; Arrange by Start Here Layout; Show Start Here colors along edges.

I suspect I may be using the wrong terminology, i.e. maybe what I’m seeing on that menu isn’t really about labels. Would appreciate any clarification that anyone can provide.

It sounds like you have accidentally renamed the Label metadata field itself to “Start Here,” rather than just one of the individual labels. You can fix this in the Project → Project Settings → Label List tab.

That is exactly what I did…though I’ve no idea how. Thanks very much for the speedy reply!