using KindleGen or Calibre to convert/create Kindle ebooks?

using KindleGen or Calibre to convert/create Kindle ebooks?


Hmm. I use scrivener for windows which will create epub but not .mov files, hence using the older KindleGen or the more up to date Calibre.

KindleGen is Amazon’s official utility for creating ebooks for KDP. It’s not, strictly speaking, a normal ebook: it’s two of them. It contains one copy for older Kindles and another copy for newer ones. Amazon’s server will split it up into to separate files and so the person buying your book will only download the part they want.

So if you intend to use a third-party tool to generate ebooks, make sure to do the research on its settings and ensure that what you are creating is suitable for publication and will result in something that looks good, from Kindle gen 1 to the desktop reader software.

That aside, I would in general say that taking source files built for KindleGen and then using KindleGen to create an ebook from those source files (as Scrivener does automatically) is nearly always going to be cleaner and superior to creating a whole different type of ebook file entirely and then converting it.

I wouldn’t worry so much about “how old” KindleGen is. I’m sure if Amazon revises format specifications they will update the utility meant to be used to generate them.

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