using labels for academic writing??

have hunted around the forums but yet to find helpful example …

wondering how academic writers use the color labels in their projects? I see lots of examples for those writing novels or screenplays, but curious to know how academics are deploying them? I’m a super visual person & bought scrivener specifically b/c of hte cork board option, and so I know the labels would communicate helpful information to me … but I just can’t wrap my head around how?!

would be grateful for examples from others about how they’ve assigned them in the past

Well, you can assign both labels and keywords. Labels are limited to one per item, but can be used as the basis for the “swim lane” view. Keywords allow you to assign more than one.

How to use them? What’s your field? They can theoretically represent anything that you need to keep track of: primary sources, important people, major events, chemical reagents, proteins, galaxies, topographic features…

But also sub-projects, collaborators, students…

What are you trying to accomplish?


Thanks, Katharine.
I’m an art historian writing scholarly essays & a book. At this point I’m just using the colors to label the status of scrivenings in my work process - first draft, needs footnotes, etc… Not sure how useful that will be eventually but figured I’d try it out & possibly come up with something better. Eventually I could probably assign colors to different artists’ names in order to keep track of where they are in a manuscript, … wish I could figure out how to use the swim lane effectively b/c I know it would be super helpful. Just having a hard time imagining how to use them -
thx for the suggestions!
be well!

Hi aleca72

Scrivener is a brilliant research platform.

To give an art history example, I am writing a “popularising” ebook on Hawksmoor’s London churches. I use labels mainly to denote each church and associated research materials eg other nearby historic buildings, sources, photographs, literature, information on the geographical area and so on. I can use Collections based on the labels to group together all the research related to each church.
I use “Status” for the state of play eg first or later draft, whether I need to take a photograph of a particular detail or of neighboring buildings.

I hope this is vaguely useful

All best with your own writings,