using labels with Scrivener when drafting a doc film

I’m using Scrivener to write and structure a feature-length documentary film.

Rather than use the pre-set documentary format or any of the screenplay options, I’m using Scrivener in ‘normal’ (default) mode, which I find far simpler and more effective at first draft stage.

Editing has already started, so I’m using Scrivener not only to organise my own thoughts on the film, but to hand off scenes to the editor to cut using the various elements of material we have available.

These are:

  1. My script = main line of the film, as Level 1 in Scrivener

them as Level 2 subdocuments to Level 1 I’ve put label names here to reference the attached image to this post):

  1. interview sync selects = Sync
  2. ‘actuality’ flying we’ve done on location = Actuality
  3. archive film - Archive
  4. still photos = Photos
  5. graphics elements, 3d, maps etc = Graphics

Because I want to see the various elements clearly delineated in the draft, I want to use colour-coded labels and different icons to be able to see at a glance what’s what in the binder, what elements I’ve identified for that particular scene etc.

I don’t want to use footnotes or comments/annotations to accomplish this because I want the various elements to be ‘free-floating’ from the get go, to enable them to be very rapidly moved to different places in the draft as thinking/editing progresses.

I have some questions I’ve not been able to nail down at this stage:

  1. Can Scrivener automatically format the appearance of text according to its label, when viewed as scrivenings in the Editor? This would help me visually identify them when looking in Composition mode, for example.

  2. Can Scrivener do a multiple filter search, e.g. can I get to to display all documents in draft that have a particular label AND a particular text term? Or do I need to create a Collection for the first search, and then run search again and add results to the collection?

  3. Can Scrivener format documents/subdocuments according to label? Meaning that when I compile a scene, the different elements/labels as listed above appear differently on the printed page? Otherwise, the only way I can see to identify the different elements for the editor would be to include Metadata in the compile for the labelled subdocuments, but this will consume a lot of page space.

  4. Is there a way to multiple filter included or excluded labels on compile? Or will putting them in a lower level folder eventually be the best approach?

Many thanks for patience in reading this, and for any help!