Using Layouts (only from keyboard)

The Layouts functionality is really nice and works well for someone like me who likes to declutter his work space as much as possible, without necessarily going into full-screen mode. CMD + ) – the SHIFT is in the menu but implied in the parentheses on a US keyboard – works well to bring up the Layouts window, which one can then navigate by keyboard as well, but there is no way to dismiss the Layous window without clicking, so far as I can tell. What have I missed?

I’ve successfully created keyboard shortcuts for a few of my favorite Layouts. Since you can get to them via the menu, there’s no need to bring up the Layouts window. Just be sure to name them uniquely, and succinctly (so you don’t miss-type them when assigning the shortcut). … er-for-mac

Fantastic FAQ, Robert. Absolutely fantastic. I’ve known about keyboard shortcuts for years, but your walkthrough is the first actually to make it feasible. Thank you!

:laughing: I just pasted the link. The actual contents were done by the Lit & Lat staff (likely Ioa/AmberV, in my estimation). I’ve bookmarked that link so I can help out with a judicious copy & paste here and there.

The standard Cmd-W shortcut will work to close the layouts panel as well. Just be careful you know where the focus is so you don’t inadvertently close your project window instead! :slight_smile: