Using Liquid Story and Scriv

Yes the horror, but I need to be able to do this since LSB does not play well with either WINE or cross over.

So thanks to the developers found a way to exchange material between the two programs. This is a good thing. Now if I only could get the *)^&()) IPOD… well when Copy \ Paste comes I will be a very happy camper. At that point I will be able to use the damn copy\ paste to get material back and forth from quick office. The material in question was the dossiers, and I must say the templates to create characters on LSB are very nice. So simple export as text, email, and copy and paste, and bold necessary text.

Cumbersome, yes… but it works.

These days even my very light ASUS is too heavy for me… bad back…

Remember kiddies ALWAYS use proper technique or you may just mess your back to the point that an IPOD or windows mobile device is all you can carry, perhaps…

And yes, it is now doing much better… slowly but surely it is recovering.

Ah long story… but having a very light device that I could take to bed has been somewhat of a good thing.

And I can use the two best programs out there, one for windows (I know the horror) the other for Mac.

Now, I’m not familiar with the syntax of MultiMarkdown, but would MMD work in LSB? Or even HTML?

I personally would sooner use that—or even asterisks—to mark my words to be bolded in such back-and-forth usage rather than go through and find them each time.

Just a thought. :slight_smile: