Using Lists for Questions AND Answers

I’m working on a survey. I have a list of 20 questions. I used the ‘Format… Lists’ function so that as I moved questions around in the list, there would be continuity in the numbering.

Now I want to be able to use the list to make notes when I am interviewing subjects. That means being able to type the notes between the questions in the list.

Trouble is, every time I enter a to create a line where I can type a note, the list is extended, adding a new list number for that new line.

I guess want is non-list lines in between list lines. Is that even possible?

Alternatively, I suppose I could export (or copy/paste) the question list into a TextEdit file; make my notes in TextEdit, and then import the resulting file back into Scrivener. I tried pasting into Text Edit and it’s not pretty – ALL the formatting is lost, including spaces between the lines in the list – but I could make that work.

I also tried doing the same thing with Evernote but the formatting impact was even more screwy.

I also tried pasting the list into a new doc in Scrivener, but of course that carried all the list formatting. What I need is something like the “paste values only” command in Excel/Numbers that would let me paste the list - with numbers - without adding any actual list formatting.

It just seems to me there might be a better way to defeat the formatting once I’ve got my list of questions sorted out.

I’m getting very comfortable with Scrivener now as my primary writing environment and would like to stay there as much possible.



CTRL RETURN is your friend.

Do you need the Qs and As to be formatted using the list formatting, or would you be happy with the end result just looking like a list? I ask, because if you created one file per question in the binder, and then nested a document per answer under that question document, then entering the answers becomes easier, and formatting doesn’t really impact the end result. The auto-numbering, indentation, font changes, etc… would all be handled in the formatting pane of compile. You’d also have to eliminate intra-document “separators” in the compile settings, or you’d end up with lots of extraneous vertical spacing between questions and answers.

Can you elaborate on “Ctrl+Return” is your friend? Or at least steer me toward some further info on that particular tool?

Press RETURN and you get a paragraph break and the next number in the list.

Press CTRL RETURN and you get a line break, which doesn’t increment the numbering.

In the screenshot below, invisibles are turned on just for illustration purposes.

The red arrows point to line breaks. The blue arrows to paragraph breaks.

After line breaks, the list number does not increment.

After paragraph breaks, the list number does increment.

So if you use CTRL RETURN, you can create space for the answers without changing the question numbers. Try it. It’s not destructive.

[attachment=0]line breaks.png[/attachment]

Does this do what you want?

Yes, that is exactly what I want to do… I just tried it in my questions form and it worked perfectly.

I was familiar with <ctrl+return> -v- making the diff btw new lines or new paragraphs in other contexts, but wasn’t sure how to apply it here.

So now that I know, this one gets a head-slap and a “duh!”

Thanks for walking me through another neat feature in Scrivener.


Very happy to help. Glad it works as you want.

Good luck with the project.

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