Using Mac and Windows version to work on same document


I know this is unusual problem, but still.

So, I bought Mac version of Scrivener around two years ago and I’m completely happy with it. Wrote a lot of articles and even started writing a book.

Around two weeks ago I bought a version for Windows, so I could work on this book of mine at office as well.

I only use Windows version to write, everything fancy is done on Mac at home.

But I met handful of bugs while doing this.

  1. Text formatting goes bad all the time. I set one font (Cambria) in Mac version, and I get completely different random font in some portions of document in Windows version.
  2. Scrivener links are going bad as well - they sometimes convert to Web-links or expand, or contract. Sometimes portions of linked text just disappear.
  3. Question marks randomly disappear.

All those bugs appear to be random - some question marks evaporate now and then, some formatting goes bonkers, but most of the text remains fine.

Is it possible to fix this? Again, I fully understand that my case is unusual one. But I’d appreciate any help here.

The only possible fix I see here is just to buy a second Mac for office :slight_smile: