Using Microsoft Word to write and edit documents?

Hello everyone,

While I love Scrivener, it’s editor leaves a lot to be desired, especially when compared to Microsoft Word. What I’m looking for is a way to place a shortcut to my Microsoft documents in Scrivener so that I could arrange them through Scrivener but actually write in them via Microsoft Word. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.

If I understand, you want to have Word docs outside of Scrivener, which you would like to be inside a project for the purpose of arranging them. You can drag them in and move them inside the binder just so.

When I drag the word files into the binder, it converts them to .RTF and shows them in Scrivener. Essentially, what I would like to do is have a shortcut of a word file in Scrivener that opens a Microsoft Document file, but still allows me to arrange them and put them in separate places in Scrivener.

Sorry if I confused you, I’m finding it hard to articulate exactly what I want to do lol.

Scrivener can’t display Word files unless they are converted to .rtf so the easiest way for you seems to be to use Explorer to move your files around instead of having them in Scrivener.

For every single Word file you want to link to you can create a file in Scrivener’s Draft folder, put a keyword or whatever in that file and attach (drag & drop) your Word file as a “Document Reference” to it.

Now you can easily move around / arrange your files in the Draft folder and the attached Word file(s) within “Document References” will move with them.

Just an idea.

Yeah, I think this is going to be the case.

Interesting, I will try that out. Thanks!

Just curious, what is the main issue with Scrivener’s editor that you would need to implement such workarounds? Many people write in Scrivener and do final formatting later, it does streamline the workflow (content > form). Word and other word processors have better formatting features, but they are often not the best editors of textual content…

It’s probably just my inexperience with the editor, but I do not like Scrivener’s automatic margins that automatically change when I change the size of the window. Microsoft Office is set in the middle of the screen, and it stays there. I do not want to read from one side of the screen to the other while using Scrivener, it hurts my eyes, and so far I have been unable to satisfactorily change the margins in order to mimic Microsoft Office.

The spell-check is also worse then Microsoft Office’s, at least in my opinion. It also doesn’t tell me information as intuitively as Office does, with features such as selecting a group of text to see the word count strangely absent.

From how I see it, Scrivener is about 95% of the way there to the perfect writing program. If I could create shortcuts and write in Microsoft Word while managing my documents through Scrivener, it would be perfect. Oh well, I just have to be patient.

You may be happier with Scrivener’s Page View mode (View -> Page View), which will fit your text to a page defined by your page setup settings.

You can also keep the text from expanding to fill the window with the settings in the Scrivener -> Preferences -> Editor pane.

Selecting a chunk of text in Scrivener will show the word count in the footer area of the Editor pane. (If you’re not seeing it, use the View -> Layout menu to make sure the footer isn’t disabled.)


Have you tried the composition mode?

I cannot find ( … .29-PM.png)

There is no Scrivener → Preferences → Editor pane that I have yet found, but instead I found it through Scrivener → Tools → Options → Editor that doesn’t explicitly show me an option to disable the text from filling the window.

My footer is enabled, and it doesn’t show me the amount of words that I selected. Here is an example. (

Where would I find this?

Ummmm, have you gone through the built-in tutorial?

Yes I have, but not recently.

Sorry, my mistake. Yes, both Page View and the word count of selected text are Mac only options.


Reasonable question :slight_smile:

You can’t find it because it’s labelled differently, at least in Scrivener for Windows.

Go to “View” and towards the bottom you will see “Enter Full Screen”. That’s what is also called “composition mode” (I guess).

No problem. Are there any other options?