Using MMD -> LaTeX with Polish language

Anyone is using Scrivener with Polish language? My general question is how to set up MMD to LaTeX conversion to work properly with Polish language?

To be more precise, I’d like to have custiomize MMD preamble, so when I compile the document draft I’d like to in LaTeX file my predefined, custom preamble. Something like this:


Is there any documentation for mere mortals about setting up MMD with Scrivener? Maybe some Poles can help me prepare Scrivener to work with Polish language?

Thanks in advance for your information.

Krzysztof Maj

Hello Krzystof,
I am sorry, I can not answer your question, but I want to support it. I would like to know, too, how I can use scrivener - MMD - Latex to write also the polish letters “ę” and “ą”. When I worked in Texshop I loaded the packages

and could write the polish letters by writing \k{e} or \k{a}. If I write the charakters in scrivener and compile the draft via MMD I get only a normal “e” or “a” without the ogonek. Is there any way, that the compile draft via MMD learns polish? Or at least how I can change the preamble of the tex document, that MMD produced? Thanks a lot in advance for any support.