Using more than one machine when iCloud and Dropbox are not options

I’m running Scrivener 3 on both my iPad and my Mac. I have permission from my work to install on my work machine, however I’m not allowed to link either a dropbox or iCloud account to that computer. Is there another option, or should I not bother and just resign myself to always carrying my iPad?

If your work machine is a Mac, you can transfer projects via iTunes (or Finder, if Catalina is installed". Note this isn’t a syncronization, where the modified parts are copied/updated in place. Instead, you’re copying the project back and forth manually, presumably archiving the old one on the destination device/machine before copying the new version to it.

If it’s Windows… I think iTunes can also do the transfer to/from an iPad as well. But honestly, I’d save myself some hair pulling and just use the iPad at work and sync with your home Mac using Dropbox.

Everything involved is Mac, but that sounds like a hassle. I’ll just stick to the iPad and dropbox.

One more question - how can I delete old projects out of Scrivener? They’ve been removed from Dropbox, but they’re still showing up in Scrivener