Using mouse in Full Screen mode

I’m not sure if this has been reported before or whether this behaviour is intentional and the same in the Mac version. But when on my Win 7 machine I try to highlight or drag and drop text around using a mouse, the text jumps around erratically up or down and it is nearly impossible for example to highlight a section (while using keyboard Shift + arrow is fine). Can this be fixed? It significantly reduces the utility of the Full Screen mode for me (which otherwise would be perfect and essential really), as I have to keep switching back to the regular view to do those kinds of operations.

Typewriter scrolling shouldn’t affect this (except on the drop), but could you let me know whether you do have that enabled and whether it makes a difference if you disable it? While in full screen, use the shortcut WindowsKey-Ctrl-T to toggle the mode on or off, and then try doing the selection test with the mouse to see if the text is still jumping around.

To clarify, just selecting text with the mouse shouldn’t cause the text to jump around, so this does sound like a bug, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it.

I can’t use WindowsKey because I’m using a wireless Apple keyboard with some scripts running to enable some additional keys. However, I tried Command-Ctrl-T and that fixed the problem. I wasn’t aware that I had Typewriter scrolling on, I don’t even know what that is…

Thanks for the prompt reply and for the cure!

Hmm, glad that fixed it, but it’s still odd–like I said, this shouldn’t be affected by typewriter mode, so I’ll look into it a little more. Typewriter scrolling is more helpful for initial writing, typically, than editing–it keeps your current line of text centered on the screen. You can enable it individually for each of the editors (the two splits in the regular editor and full screen) and set it to be on or off by default in new projects. You might want to check the Editor tab in Tools > Options… and deselect the typewriter options there if they’re on so that new projects don’t automatically start in this mode. In the regular editor, you can toggle it on or off at any time via the shortcut or the menu option Format > Options > Typewriter Scrolling.

Many thanks for the explanation. All this is very helpful and informative.

I just want to say that I was also struggling with this problem and I am so glad I found the solution here on the forum. I would have had no idea how to fix this and it was really frustrating when trying to edit multiple scrivernerings at the same time. Anyway, thanks so much for your help everything seems fine now.