Using MultiMarkdown: Cheat Sheet & Import

Does anyone have a good cheat sheet for MultiMarkdown syntax to use in Scrivener? I can find some cheat sheets for Markdown but none for MultiMarkdown. I have Fletcher Penny’s MMD User Guide but that is NOT a quick reference guide.

On a related note, how do I import a blog post that is in HTML and translate that back into MultiMarkdown? I find that I often edit my blog post after I have Complied it into HTML and put it in Wordpress. I would like to bring the final post back into Scrivener both for storage and tracking and also for later use in compiling a longer document.


I’m not aware of an MMD cheat sheet, but I do know of a way to get HTML back into MD. Try Markdownify. There is a web sample you can use, but the best thing to do is install a copy of it on your web site.

Thanks Amber. I will try that.

Does this page provide what you want: … Guide.html

Saved as HTML it gives a concise page of MMD syntax. And the HTML page—which can’t be uploaded to this board—looks like the PDF below. (Mods, hope this doesn’t break any rules.)

[attachment=0]MultiMarkdown Cheat Sheet.pdf[/attachment]