Using network drives

When the Scrivener file is on a network drive I don’t seem to be able to add documents (eg Word docs generate wrong file type error). Moving the file to local drive/desktop and all reverts to normal. Issue? :confused:

Sounds like an issue with your network drive rather than with Scrivener. There is nothing in Scrivener that would do this. Everything has to be writable for things to work in Scrivener. Scrivener just uses Apple’s built-in and very standard commands for adding, moving and deleting files, so it would sounds as though something about your network is telling Apple’s file management methods that they cannot create or move stuff…

Of course the Scrivener “file” is actually a bundle, and within it may be rtfd “files” that are also bundles. You’ll need read/write permissions right through all the directories implied by these bundles. Different file systems handle these permissions differently.