Using Outliner CorkBoard


First off, this is the best product to help me with my writing.
I love it. I’m writing a novel now, on my fifth draft, and started using
Scrivener. It helps me to add scenes easily and to re-arrange the structure of the novel.

Many thanks for this wonderful product.

Now, I have a file called Chapter XYZ. I can see the words. When I click on outliner and corkboard, I still see Chapter XYZ as the title but no data. How can I put data in those versions of Chapter XYZ?


If iI understand you right, the viewer shows outliner or corkboard, but you have only selected one document. In that case, nothing will be shown in the viewer as long as you do not change the preferences to show the editor automatically, if only one document is selected.

Hope this helps,

Have you been through the tutorial? The corkboard and outliner show the contents of the selected document, as in other documents that have been made children of that document (not the contents of the text). Any document can have subdocuments. So, if you dragged some documents in the binder onto another document, they would become children of that document. Then, when you clicked on that document and selected outliner or corkboard, you would see those documents as index cards or rows.


Maria, Keith,

Thanks, both of you. I’ll look through the tutorial again.