Using Pictures...???

I am working on a fitness book that will lots of exercises with illustrations done by a pro.

Any idea on how to get them in Scrivener?

Should each exercise be a folder/card?? with a reference or link to the working picture?

Anyone have any ideas?

Does this request even make sense–(I have been writing for days and have lost my ability to communicate as clear as I would like :confused: )

You can drop pictures straight into the documents themselves. In fact, that is the only way to include pictures in the Draft, because media files cannot be placed by themselves in the Draft part of the Binder. Once in place, you can double-click on the image to access options for it relating to its appearance in a file. Images placed in this fashion will be included in the exported version (of course, so long as the export format supports images). The only reason you should use linked image resources is if using MMD.