Using Plain Text in Dropbox

It has been several years since I used Scrivener and I have forgotten how to export to plain text and then access it via Dropbox and Plain Text on my iPad. I have searched help and this forum but apparently I am not using the correct search words because I haven’t found how to do this yet. Each time I have tried to export something, it was just one file. I want to export all the files I am currently using. I know it’s simple because I did it before, but at age 74 my memory isn’t what it once was.

What you’re probably looking for is “External Folder Sync”, which is covered in chapter 13 of the Scrivener manual. The first part of the chapter is about Simple Note (which may be specific to that iOS software), but later sections of the chapter go into more generic advice on syncing with external folders.

FYI: Scrivener for iOS is on the verge of release; maybe by the end of July. If you can wait that long, I think you’ll be quite happy with how it syncs the entire project with the desktop version of Scrivener.

Addendum: Here’s a blog post about the iOS version that was just published:

Well, as my mother would say, “The blood got back to my brain” and I figured out how to do it. Thanks for your help, now I am off to the land of imagination. :unamused: