using plain text

I am trying the 30-day trial on Windows 7. Is there any way to store the files in .txt format instead of .rtf?

In theory, you can COMPILE to plain text. When I try it, the resultant .txt file runs all the paragraphs together in the built-in Windows Notepad app. If I open it in one of my programer’s text editors, it’s fine. Possibly the line-endings are, for whatever reason (BUG?), made to reflect Mac or Unix paragraph endings, or maybe Notepad just stinks.

But storing plain text in your project, I don’t think so. The assumption is that you’ll want to be able to use Bold and Italics, and therefore RTF. If you’re trying to sync your project with an Android or iOS application that only reads plain text, that feature will arrive at some point, but I have no idea when the developer will get to it.