Using progress Bar in outliner

I have the Scrivener for Windows version and I’m using the outline mode to track my progress. It works great for subdocuments, but won’t show the progress for the parent folder. I have the project divided into parts. Each part gives me a total word count and a target word count, but the progress bar stays white. Each chapter shows progress correctly unless I attempt to create scenes as subdocuments and then the chapter progress bars also go white. Does anyone know how I can fix this quirk? Thanks!

Hello lalsoong,

I’m afraid that Scrivener for Windows doesn’t support setting a target word count for the children of a folder. You can set a word count goal for a folder, but it will only track the words written directly into that folder’s text area (which you don’t generally do anyway). It will not apply that word count target to the child documents inside of that folder.

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