Using Scriv on iMac, iphone and Macbook

I’m new to Scrivener. I’ve got a project on an iMac which is linked to Dropbox and I’ve successfully worked out how to use it on my iPhone and sync.

I now want to use it on a MacBook. I’ve installed Scrivener, but am unsure what the next step would be to –

  • enable me to view and edit the project file I can view on the other devices
  • enable me to sync changs made on the Macbook with Dropbox

i.e. use the devices interchangeably

Any advice gratefully received.


If the project is in the Dropbox folder and synchronizing correctly on the iMac, you should be pretty much there. Just install the Dropbox software on the MacBook, login to your Dropbox account, and make sure the relevant folder is set for “offline” access.

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Hi Kewms

Thank you. I’ve been working on it in the last 20 mins. The problem seemed to be that even when I logged into Dropbox with one account (the one that holds my Scriv files), the Dropbox app and associated folder on my Macbook was showing files from another of my Dropbox accounts, so that when I went into Scrivener and clicks ‘Open existing file’ it was showing me those files, not the Scrivener ones.

Anyway after uninstalling and the Dropbox app, then re-installing it and signing in with the right account, the folder on my desktop now shows the correct files and I have successfully opened from Scrivener. Phew!

Thanks again for your advice.


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Multiple accounts with cloud services can definitely be confusing. Glad you got it figured out.

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