Using Scriv on two computers

Ok, next newbie question from me!
I will be working on a project in two locations, my laptop and my desktop. ( both on the same network within our house )
I have been searching the forums for the best solution to this.
I’m sure that this is a fairly common question and wonder what solutions people are adopting.
All help much appreciated.
Many thanks, Paul

Check out “Scrivener Everywhere” in the manual (available via the Help Menu). The most common service used for such synchronizations between computers is, though there are others out there that seem to work well for others. Sugarsync comes to mind.

I’ve been using Dropbox for a year or so, and have been happy with it, but if you don’t want your stuff on some company’s server, then you may be stuck using a USB thumb drive to shuttle your project back-and-forth.

If your house network has a server, you could put the file on the server’s hard drive and let either computer work from there. Or you could use the desktop as a server and let the laptop talk to its drive. Since you would have complete control of the server and (presumably) a fast and reliable network connection, most of the caveats associated with cloud servers wouldn’t apply. My husband and I have been sharing various (non-Scrivener) household files this way for years.

You would still need to make sure that only one instance of Scrivener was trying to access a project at once.

Make sure that the server is backed up regularly, ideally to an off-site location.

If the first paragraph was complete gibberish to you, then you’re probably better off with Dropbox or thumb drives. You’ll also need to consider those options if you need to synchronize while not connected to the house network.