Using Scrivener as a Real-life Index Card System

Hello All,

I am wanting to use Scrivener as the base for a real-life index card system. Basically, I want to develop index cards in Scrivener which I also print out on physical index cards.

I was hoping there is a way to develop a template in Scrivener that mirrors the size of a physical index card. Sort of like the template that is used in Word. (By the way, I use larger index cards sized B6). In this way, I know how much space remains on the index card as I am typing in Scrivener.

Please note, I am not talking about Scrivener’s index card function. I am talking about Scrivener itself being an index card system.

Also, I although I have a had Scrivener for a long time, I am very much a begginer. So simple, detailed instructions would be most helpful.

Looking forward to your guidance. :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t need to build a special template to do something like this, there is a built-in feature for printing to index card sized rectangles on sheets of paper, and it is specifically compatible with Avery perforated printer paper for digitally generating real-world index cards.

In short: select corkboard of cards you want to print, press the print shortcut. :slight_smile:

The details are in the user manual, under §26.2, Printing Index Cards.

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