Using Scrivener as a supervisor

I am in a situation where I use Scrivener for my own things, but also to keep track of theses that my students are writing. The complicated part is that they use Microsoft Word and they send me their new versions in Microsoft Word. Using Snapshots I can easily see what changes they have made to their chapters, but I am not entirely sure how to keep track of my notes. I can highlight phrases and words and then export this as a PDF or .doc file and send it to the student, but when I import their new version I lose this highlighting.

I wonder if the best thing to do is just use use Scrivener to track their changes and keep my suggested corrections as PDFs so that I can visually compare the two of them.

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions?


I believe that inspector comments will survive the round-trip. Obviously, if the student deletes the anchoring word/phrase, the corresponding comment will go away.

Make sure that the Transformations tab in the compile dialogue isn’t set to strip out comments, assuming you use File->Compile instead of File->Export->Files to get your copy out of Scrivener and to the student.