Using Scrivener for grant writing?

Has anyone used Scrivener to write grants? I’m a freelance grant writer who has been searching for someway to gather all my research in one place and write while simultaneously reading the reference material. Scrivener seems like an ideal solution, but I’d be interested in other people’s experiences.


I just discovered Scrivener, I have not written any grant application with it. But, having written many grant applications with traditional word processors, I am pretty sure that Scrivener will outperform them all. For a first draft grant application, it seems perfect. For later drafts, there is the issue of collaborators. I don’t know anybody using it, so I’ll have to deal with Word/Pages (I sent out docs in Word, but read and comment on them in Pages, MS Word drives me nuts)

I have already made a Scrivener template for a grant application, and will definitely use it in the fall

In my previous position, I wrote a substantial grant application with Scrivener and found it wonderful. In particular, I was able to use the synopsis area to include the $$ amounts being put towards various sub-activities. I could export that, fiddle a bit with Python (I’m a geek, okay?!) and get a nice tally of spending in various categories, etc. Meta-data including labels for the types of activities and, of course, status, was very important. Notes to go next to the actual narrative text was also helpful.

I’d offer up my code and sample file, but I’ve moved and changed computers, meaning it who-knows-where. However, it wasn’t too hard and I wanted to at least post that it can be done, done easily and done powerfully.

Good luck.

Thanks for all the input…I’ve actually created a grantwriting template that breaks even “simple” 2-3 page foundation grants into small, manageable chunks. I’m wondering how I ever got any work done before Scrivener… :smiley: What a godsend this has been!

I’d be very curious how you organized the meta-data and financials this way. I’m doing something similar, but haven’t really found any great examples of custom meta-data usage.