Using Scrivener for Poetry

I’ve entered many poems as text documents. My goal is to put together two or more books, each using overlapping subsets of the poems I’ve entered. And each book is to have its own sections.

I’ve considered using a separate collection for each book, but as they aren’t hierarchical, it’s not clear to me how to enable books to have sections using this strategy.

I’ve also considered using different folders for each book, but I don’t want to have duplicates of each of the poems that appear in more than one book.

I have to assume I’m not the first one to want to do this and I’m hoping that there is already a well-known method for this that I haven’t figured out yet. Is there?

FYI: The “Using Scrivener” sub-forum is more for sharing tips than for asking for help. Some people don’t pay much attention to this section. Technical Support is more the place for this sort of thing. But maybe the following will be a sufficient answer…

When you bring up the compile window, you can click on the little funnel icon next to the drop-down that features your draft folder. The funnel (filter) lets you select any existing collections to include or exclude files based on that collection’s content. Compiling still relies on the binder hierarchy, so you can use your collections to manage the contents of each book.

Thank you, rdale. I chose this forum because I’m asking about a “usage scenario” and the technical support forums looked like they were specific to Mac, Windows, or iOS and I didn’t think this would be an OS-specific question. But if that’s a better place, I’ll happily ask there as well.

In the meantime, I did take a look at filtering (the funnel.) I can put some docs in a collection, then filter to include documents in that collection.

But it still isn’t clear to me how to get different sections using this method.

Maybe I can clarify with a contrived example. Say I have poems A-Z and I want to make two books: the first called Love&Hate with two chapters Letters I’ve Loved (containing A, B, and C) and Letters I’ve Hated (containing X, Y, and Z) and the second called Young&Old with two chapters Letters from My Youth (containing A, M, and Z) and Letters After Retirement (containing B, N, and Y). The important point being that poems A, B, Y, and Z appear in both books but in differently named chapters each with different contents.

Am I missing some functionality that the filtering dialog makes available?