Using Scrivener for Project Management

Is anyone using Scrivener as a project management tool? I don’t mean for management writing projects, necessarily, but for any kind of project. It seems to me that it should be a very serviceable program for this kind of application. I’ve set up a Project Management Template with the intention of putting it through its paces on a trial basis. Here are the advantages I perceive:

  1. It’s a good place to keep notes, and good project management requires good note-taking, I believe.

  2. It’s very nimble at keeping information in a hierarchy. So I am using the “Draft” folder (renamed “Project Planning”) to keep planning details. I have the following documents in this folder:

  • Objective (for defining the goals and expected outcomes)
  • Milestones, with sub documents for each milestone
  • Tasks, with sub documents for each task, and sub-sub documents for sub-tasks
  • Budget

Then I have a folder for managing Documentation, with sub folders for Notes, Correspondence, and a Journal (in this latter, I will keep notes about progress, issues and solutions).

I have another main folder for Resources, with sub folders for People and Other Resources.

Finally, the Research folder will be for that purpose.

  1. The corkboard and outline views afforded by Scrivener lend themselves to project management. I am using the Windows version, so am locked in to prescribed column data (the Mac version would allow me to create columns for due date, for instance).

  2. I could easily create a folder for holding brainstorming or cataloging a SWOT analysis, if necessary.

  3. When I’m done, or if I need to present a proposal, I can just compile the project and submit my report to the boss or for archiving.

All in all, I’m pretty optimistic that Scrivener will work very well for this purpose. I’m wondering if anyone else has been doing this and if you have any thoughts that might be helpful.

Thank you.


I use it to manage all my projects, both personal (non-writing) projects and those at work. Sometimes it’s overkill. But often Scrivener provides the same advantages to project management that it does to managing your novel.

I don’t have any addt’l suggestions at the moment – it sounds like you’re off to a good start. If anything occurs to me I’ll let you know. Look forward to hearing more about how you use it in this way.

Actually, on the subject of People, I’ve found it a useful way help manage my team in the past: tracking agendas, questions, their aspirations, their strengths and weaknesses, etc.

Sorry to be late to the game - but just discovered this Forum Topic and your post.

I have written about using Scrivener in this way on my blog:

“It’s a floor wax!” “No, it’s a dessert topping!”
Why I use Scrivener for Project Management and You Should Too!“it’s-a-floor-wax”-“no-it’s-a-dessert-topping”/

I find it useful to swap Label and Status fields – customize them so that the Label is my process status (i.e.: Action, To Do, Waiting, Follow-up, Done, Archive, etc.) because I like the color coding, which I can then set to appear in the Binder or Binder Icon (or both); this acts as a good visual reminder when scanning Binder contents where my pressing items are…