Using Scrivener for Science

So, this isn’t just an issue in Scrivener, my openoffice and even Word has the same problem…

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good place to get a dictionary that includes scientific terminology, specifically, I need something that won’t have my work covered in red squiggles when writing biology papers. I can understand scientific names (many of those things are “made up”/latinized words anyways), but I often end up with relatively simple scientific terms coming up as misspelled (currently, it’s “quadrats”, which is a pretty standard term for ecological sampling).

For Scrivener, for OpenOffice/LibreOffice, and for MS Word, the answer to your problem is the same. You must create a dictionary with the terms you use.

For Scrivener, the dictionary is (on the Mac side) a matter of your system preferences. For OpenOffice and LibreOffice and MS Word, the dictionary exists within the program as a `User Dictionary’ which you rename whatever you wish. For and LibreOffice, these dictionaries exist within support folders for the program and can be ported from one machine to another. I would guess it works similarly for MS Word. Therefore if you have any colleagues who use the same words you can all share these custom dictionaries.

It also makes sense that a word list could all be imported into one of these programs as a dictionary though I do not know if this is doable.

You can also turn off `Check Spelling as I Type’ in the options of all three programs and only bother with spelling once a session or so.

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I know that you can manually add words. But most of these (I use windows) have the ability to import additional dictionaries. So what I was wondering/asking was if anyone knew of any which already had all the “standard” science/biology terms included. Because while adding them manually will eventually work, it’s almost just more trouble than it’s worth at the moment, and don’t help if I’m spelling the word wrong in the first place.

This: … tionaries/

Looks like it might be a promising place to start.

Oh wow, that does look promising. Thanks!