Using Scrivener for screenplays

I am finding that when I compile to PDF I occasionally get a double-space between text notes (I have everything set to Single Space in Separators). Also, I am also seeing that a character name will print at the bottom of the page and their dialogue is on the next page.
I guess my real question is, does anyone here use Scrivener to produce printable script files or do you compile to a RTF or text file and import that into your screenplay software for final formatting?

There’s no way to control keeping the character and dialogue together–that’s fairly advanced layout and beyond Scrivener’s capabilities for the time being–so for that you’re going to need to export to another format and either clean it up manually or use a dedicated script program for the final touches. Most likely RTF or Final Draft would be what you’d want for that.

Regarding the double spacing, could you explain that a little more? I’m not clear where this is showing up–are these note as in document notes or “General Text” notes within your document text? Separators handle the dividers between full documents but have no effect on anything within a single document.

I imported directly as an FDX (FINAL DRAFT 8 file) and opened it in FD.
A few extra spaces, but for the most part, a very clean transfer.

Exporting as an RTF was a real mess, wouldn’t recommend it AT ALL!
I also suggest you don’t export as PDF, but as an FDX. That way you can get FD to check for errors before printing or making PDFs

Thanks for the suggestions. I do not use Final Draft, but I think Screenwriter will be able to handle the import.
As for the blank lines, they will be easy to edit out when I clean things up in Screenwriter. They occur between many (but not all) text notes, each of which makes up a scene (or sequence of scenes). I have double-checked to make sure that I did not inadvertently have blank lines at the end (or beginning) of my text notes.
If and when Scrivener handles things like dialogue broken by page breaks (and I will not be surprised if the wizards behind Scrivener do so someday) it will truly be all this writer needs. Period. End of story. -30-

Hello - I have my screenplay as a “scene” in my screenplay folder. I can do page view via “Page view, text editing, page view”. I see that there are format problems (dialogue broken over a page break etc). I was using a Final Draft trial, which has a format assistant that alerted you to format problems and would also fix problems. For example, it would write “continuous” for scenes or dialogue broken over two pages. Does Scrivener have anything like that? Thanks! Miko

The smoothest solution is to download a free copy of WriterSolo, and use it as a final output app for Scrivener. Write your script in Scrivener, export it as FDX, then open the FDX in WriterSolo and use the formatting tools to fix the problems.

Final Draft is better at outputting final FDX and PDFs, but WriterSolo is pretty good. Can’t beat the price.

Thanks for the good info!