Using Scrivener & NaNoWriMo all year

Is it possible to use the same Scrivener project I used during NaNoWriMo and continue it as a new project to track my progress at other times of the year in NaNoWriMo? I know it’s possible to use NaNoWriMo all year but I think I have to start a new project. But I want to continue writing and tracking my progress using the same Scrivner project. Help!?!

Aside from installing the standard version of Scrivener, since the NaNo demo expires in about a week, nothing else should require any change in how you are working. A project is just a project in Scrivener, whether you start it during a certain period of time in the year, or in one demo versus another, is irrelevant. You can load a project you made ten years ago (though it would require updating the project to the latest format).