Using Scrivener on 2 MACS

I purchased Scrivener about a year ago for my iMac, but have recently purchased a Mac Book Pro. Can I load the software on both? If so, how would I go about getting it for my second computer, since I just downloaded the first one? Thanks


Just download again and use the same serial number on your second Mac - if you have lost the serial number please e-mail sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com. One thing to bear in mind is that Scrivener 2.0 was released in November, so the download on our main product page ( ) is for Scrivener 2.0, not Scrivener 1.x. If you have a Scrivener 1.x licence, you can either upgrade to Scrivener 2.x for $25 (because Scrivener 2.0 requires a new serial number) or you can download Scrivener 1.54 (which will work with any 1.x licence) from the blue sidebar of this page: … w=features

Hope that helps.

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