Using scrivener on another computer

I read the FAQ section and it says that I can use Scrivener on 2 computers (provided they are the same platform). I have 2 computers - both windows - and I would like to use Scrivener for the same project on both. Is it possible to install Scrivener on the second computer using the same code I got for the first computer? Once it is installed on the second computer, do I open my project on the second computer using a back up I created from the first computer?
I’m not sure exactly how this works and was hoping someone could help.


Yes, you would install on the second computer just as you did for the first—nothing fancy there, and our registration system won’t fuss because that is allowed. In fact our terms a bit more generous than just two, but that is beside the point. :slight_smile:

As for your work, well it works in principle much like any other program and its data would. You copy your files to the second computer, work on them a bit, and then copy them back to the first. The main difference here is that Scrivener’s project format is a folder of files, so that whole top-level folder (the one ending in “.scriv”) needs to be copied around. Otherwise it is just the same as throwing some .doc files onto your laptop for the day.

You could use the backups for that, and it is tidy since the backups are Zip compressed into a single file, but it isn’t necessary. You could more easily just right-click on the “My Project Name.scriv” folder and “send to” a compressed archive to make a Zip with Windows, and then copy that. I would recommend transfer via zip if you are using anything slow to make the transfer. WiFi, flash thumb drives, or any kind of file synchronisation service that goes over the Internet like Dropbox, will all be more efficient with .zip files than folders with bunches of files in them.

Hi AmberV,

Thanks for your reply. I will give your suggestions a try.

There are a number of cloud-based synchronization tools (DropBox and SugarSync are two popular products) which can make the process of syncing your files automatic. You might want to check into using one of those products. My only caution would be to make sure you understand exactly how the syncing tool you decide to use works. I use SugarSync and am well pleased with it. There are several discussions on this board relating to synchronizing files and projects. I encourage you to check them out and make an informed decision that meets your specific needs.

Best of luck,

I do work with my laptop and my pc using Dropbox synchronisation and it works fine!
But of course you have to have internet for both computers.