Using Scrivener on server

I have licences for my Macbook Pro and PC, but I have not used the Mac for some time. I now have the latest version. My project now sits on my home/office server where it is usually accessed at home through my PC. When travelling, I would like to access the file through the Mac and server. I do not wish to synch with Dropbox.

Are there any issues I should be aware of, before I actually do this?


If you can’t guarantee that your connection will be fast and reliable, then the frequent saves that Scrivener performs to safeguard your work will likely cause an error while working on a project that’s only available via a (hopefully secure) windows-compatible share.

The better option is to manually transfer a zipped copy of the file to your traveling machine’s hard drive, extract it and work on the laptop, zip it back up, and then swap that copy out with the server version when you’re on your local LAN. Personally, I wouldn’t even trust the LAN connection to be reliable and fast enough for working with a live Scrivener project, but what’s life without a little unnecessary risk? :wink:

We do not recommend working with remotely stored projects, for all the reasons rdale lists. Few connections are fast and reliable enough, and the potential for data loss is too large.


The other possibility is instead of using Scrivener on your laptop trying to save back to your server, is that you use a remote desktop connection back to your server. That way, Scrivener is running on the server with local file storage, so the only thing affected by your bandwidth (or lack thereof) would be the desktop connection between laptop and server.

Mind you, if you don’t have reliable Internet connectivity, you won’t be able to work on your project – AND you need to set up incoming remote connection to your server through your firewall/router in a safe and secure fashion – but if you can jump those hurdles, you may have the best of both worlds.

Once Scrivener 3 for Windows is out, I am looking closely at doing something like this by running Scrivener in a cloud virtual machine instance.

Thank you everyone for the replies. I am glad I asked! I will alter my plans!

I do have a secure hardware firewall and access through a VPN in place. It is certainly a good thought that my remote Internet connection may not be good enough. I will either take the file with me or use remote desktop access, likely the former. I haven’t had any difficulty with the file sitting on the server, but I will keep an eye on it. Most of the time, I would just need to access the file to review something, so either the RDA or on the server would work.


I don’t like Dropbox because of privacy concerns.

Instead, I have a flash drive that I keep synced to a local directory on my Mac. I never edit the files on the flash drives, and I never edit the local files without the flash drive plugged in and Sync Folders Pro running.

Sync Folders Pro may or may not be a good sync program. It’s working for me, at least so far.