Using Scrivener to Write a User Manual

Hi All

I’ve been using Scrivener in a very basic way since almost the very beginning - either for creative projects or for general notes and research.

As a technical writer, I’ve never used it ‘in anger’ for a work project until the last couple of months, when I had to manage a LOT of help articles for an Intranet site - being able to use Scrivener’s labels, statuses, snapshots and search collections was an absolute life saver and it’s made me realise that I could and should be putting Scrivener to more use in my work.

Much as I hate to say it, I’ve always gone back to Word to create detailed user manuals for clients, thinking that it would be very difficult to achieve that kind of layout, TOCs, indexes, etc with Scrivener - and then I took a look at Scrivener’s own user manual which is beautifully written and just as beautifully laid out.

So, my question (I got there eventually!) is simply - was the user manual developed in Scrivener and if so, could you give me a very broad overview of the workflow so I can get a feel for what I need to learn!

Many thanks!


Hi Claire,
The Scrivener manual is written using Scrivener.

The entire process that the Scrivener manual goes through can be a little bit complicated - you need to get your hands dirty installing MultiMarkDown etc.

However, the actual Scrivener project file is available for download from here:

Sadly, I haven’t had a chance to look too deeply into it yet to give any more advice than that!


Thanks Matt - I had a feeling that the ‘M’ word would come into things! The project file is a great start point though so I’ll take a look :slight_smile: