Using Scrivener with a Chromebook

I found the idea for this on a writing forum. It works perfectly for me.

I have Scrivener for Windows installed on my main computer, an aging Acer Aspire laptop. I want to do most of my writing and other professional stuff on a new (and fantastic!) ASUS C200 Chromebook I purchased two weeks ago for $227.

Scrivener WILL NOT install on a Chromebook – unless you do some circus tricks to dual book the Chromebook as a version of Linux, then install Scrivener for Linux.

BUT – I have been happily using Scrivener FROM my Chromebook since the day I got the Chromebook. It’s easy and it works perfectly, in my experience.

The secret? A Chrome Browser app called Chrome Remote Desktop.

  1. I leave my Acer laptop at home, booted up and running.
  2. I “remote” into it (very easy to set up from the Chromebook after installing the above-mentioned app) from the Chromebook, click the taskbar icon for Scrivener ON THE ACER TASKBAR.
  3. Scrivener opens ON THE ACER and I have complete access to all the Scrivener documents, settings, etc., from the Chromebook – exactly as though I were sitting at home working on the Acer.
  4. In reality (OK, virtual reality?), I AM sitting at home working on my Acer, even though I may be at the local library or a cafe with Wi-Fi access.

The only time this doesn’t work, of course, is if you are using the Chromebook somewhere with no Internet access. But I find that almost never happens. (If you DO have to use your Chromebook without Internet access, simply work with Microsoft Office Online in the off-line mode or Google Drive in the off-line mode. (I don’t use Microsoft office online, so I can’t say personally whether they offer off-line functions.)

Having a great time with Scrivener and my Chromebook, so I just wanted to post this for anyone else considering a Chromebook. (Another tip – this ASUS Chromebook is incrediblyl well made; and I get more than 10 hours of regular battery life off a charge.)


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Interesting. :slight_smile: (Not that I have a chromebook. I’m holding out hope for an android port of Scrivener, however.)

gaspeer, thanks for this valuable tip.
months ago I tried to set up CRD between
an iMac and a 1st generation Samsung CB
Couldn’t make it work.
Maybe I’ll try between a more recent MacBook Pro
and the CB. It seemed as though processing speed was an issue.

One thing I really miss on the CBook: no back-lighted keys :frowning:

Unfortunately, though I’m almost convinced my new little chromebook will walk on water, it doesn’t have the back-lighted keys. But then, coming to this from the low-end price ranges in Windows laptops, I’ve not experienced the luxury of back-lit keys so I don’t “miss” having it. (When I hit the big bucks, I’m considering spending the money for a fancy MacBook of some sort. :smiley: )