Using Scrivener with BetaBooks

Hi, folks,

I’m not sure if this is an issue with Scrivener or with BetaBooks (or both?), but I thought I’d see what the collective wisdom of the message boards has to say about it.

I’m trying to upload my novel manuscript to the BetaBooks website (, and I’m finding that the basic formatting (in this case, italics) doesn’t copy over. This means I have to review every chapter (there are 43!) and manually add all the italics back in.

This does NOT seem to be an issue with Word documents, so I can only assume it’s specific to the Scrivener/BetaBooks interaction.

Has anyone else tried to use Scrivener and BetaBooks together? Is there a trick to making sure the formatting carries over, or is it just not possible?

Thanks for your help!

How do you export from Scrivener to BetaBooks? In what format?