Using Scrivener with blue light blocking software

I recently had cataract surgery in both eyes. The result was great vision, but a higher susceptibility to blue light getting to the back of my eyes and causing damage. In going through all the due diligence on picking out blue light filtering computer glasses, I stumbled upon some interesting articles that may be of interest to the community.

The gist of what I found was that rather than, or in addition to, blue light filtering computer glasses, there is software that can filter the screen so that blue light is drastically reduced. I installed one of the free versions on all my PCs. Then I set the app to 1900K (as suggested by one of the articles). I fired up Scrivener, and I really like the effect. The amount of filtering is user adjustable.

The following links were most helpful to me on the topic.

The first two links are to articles that discuss the topic and provide tests on blue light blocking. … is-graphic

The next two links are to software that can be installed on a computer to control the light the computer emits. The first link is to software that is free, and is the one I installed, and found it to work great. The second is referenced in one of the articles. <-This is the free software I installed.

I hope you find this information useful.

All the Best.

I used Flux when I was on Win7, and found it to be flexible and effective. Now that I’m on Win10, I find the features built into the OS to be sufficient for my purposes.