Using Scrivener's Outliner

I’m new to Scrivener and use EccoPro on windows and Omnioutliner on the mac to outline. So I am used to hitting enter to create a new item in the same hierarchy, and tab to make it a child, or shift tab to raise from child to next level up.

But in the binder outline, or in outline mode, I could create a new item at the same level, but can’t find in manual or by trial and error how to make an item a child or raise a level.

I’m sure it is simple, not obvious to me though.

The outlining shortcuts for moving items are located in the Documents/Move/ sub-menu. These word directionally on the Corkboard, and in an outline they indent, outdent and move the item up/down among its siblings.

Thanks - I figured it was something simple I couldn’t find.

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No problem. I forgot to mention that there is a collection of tips for outlining, in §8.3 of the user manual (pg. 78 on). It is introduced under the general Binder introduction chapter since it is just as much an outliner as the Outliner view (granted simplified to titles alone, but no less capable of keyboard control).

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