Using Search Collections with Label View

Hi, I see that I can use Collections that I create myself with Label View when in Corkboard mode, I click on the Collection name and the cards that are in there appear in Label View. Very nice.

But if I create a Collection based on a saved search, I don’t seem to be able to do that. Am I missing something?

Say my searched-based Collection pulls in all cards that are keyworded as “Joe Gets Drunk.” Now I have a Collection of all scenes/Cards that have that keyword, and so all the scenes where Joe gets drunk.

But unlike the manually created Collections, if I click on the Search-Named Collection, the Label View doesn’t appear.

Anyone know if there’s a way to make this work?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Okay, figured it out, though it’s not intuitive. Also figured out how to just see the cards that are in the saved-search Collection in Corkboard Mode – which is not the default, and equally not intuitive.

On the left side of the search-based Collection when you select it is a curved, semi-circular arrow that looks like a “Redo” arrow from MS Word and other programs. If you hover over the arrow, the tool tip says: “Show the contents of the current list in the current editor”. If you click on that while in Corkboard mode, you’ll see the scenes/cards in the collection appear on the right.

[And if you click on “Arrange by Label” in the bottom right, you see those cards in the Label View. The only value of doing this is if you want to consider changing the labels on these cards. You can drag them from one label to another. ]

But I realized that just seeing them in the Corkboard mode is what I want. However, you have to click on that same arrow to get that result. The default when selecting your Collection an dchoosing Corkboard mode is for nothing to appear on the right.

I’ll go make a suggestion that the default should be that the cards in the search-created Collection appear to the right when Corkboard mode is selected.