Using second editor pane on second display

Hi all,

I have added a monitor to my work process so I have two screens to work from.

My left editor is synched so when in outliner it synchs to show the full text in the right hand editor. My question is: is it possible to move the right editor to my second screen? I want to keep one screen with my outliner and the second screen with the full text for me to edit.

I can open the scene in Quick Reference panel and move that across, but that does not change when I click on a new scene in the Outliner. I searched the forums, but couldn’t (yet) find the answer.

Thanking you in advance,

It should be possible if you drag the window so that it straddles the two displays and then arrange the size and splits to work the way you are describing. Another thing you can consider trying, if all you do is write in the second editor, is using Composition Mode on the second monitor, and leaving the main project window open on the other. There are settings for getting this working in the Compose preference pane.

Thank you Amber!