Using Sente with Scrivener. Having difficulty


 I'm using Scrivener to write my Master's Thesis. I'm a new user and I must say it is an absolutely brilliant piece of software. I am having trouble understanding how to use my Sente references inside of Scrivener. I've searched the forum and googled the question and although there are many answers, many are not complete and I can't seem to understand them. I am using Chicago style endnotes with a works cited (bibliography) page.

As I understand it, when inserting a footnote (endnote), I hit the shortcut for a footnote, then hit Cmd-Y. I drag the reference from Sente to the inspector panel. (I then manually add the page number where my reference came from). A gray box “holds” the place for the footnote in the text. I did a test compile on part of my thesis. When it compiled to PDF, all of the footnotes were there as endnotes but the style was wrong (i.e. it was in Chicago Bib style, not Chicago notes style.) If worst comes to worst, I can go back and redo the endnotes, add ibid if necessary etc.

When I test compiled to RTF, nothing showed up at all. I’ve even “scanned” the rtf through Sente, but it did not recognize a bibliography.

Where am I going wrong with this? I consider myself pretty technically savvy and have managed to find my way around Scrivener very quickly. Could somebody who uses both Sente and Scrivener together post a step by step “guide” for making citations work (including settings in both Sente and Scrivener-I got a feeling this is where I’m going wrong).

Thank you so much for your assistance. My thesis will have well over 200 endnotes and I don’t want to have to manipulate them manually. Thanks!!

First things first, what program did you use to open the RTF file? If you just double-clicked on the RTF file, it may have opened in TextEdit, which doesn’t support footnotes and thus wouldn’t show them - instead, you should use Word or Nisus to open the RTF file (note that Pages will strip footnotes from RTF files too).

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Problem one solved. Thank you Keith!

I’m still having trouble getting the correct format from Sente into Scrivener and having Sente scan correctly. I’m sure this is not a problem with Scrivener, but most likely a problem with my settings in Sente. If anyone could assist me with the formatting settings they use in Sente for Chicago (endnotes and bib), that would be great.

Thanks again for the quick reply.


I am not a Chicago style user, but there are apparently four different formatting styles built into Sente for Chicago. Perhaps you’re using the wrong one:
Chicago 15 AD
Chicago 15 N
Chicago 15 NB
Chicago AD via CSL

I gather N is notes only, while NB is notes and bibliography. Are you using the NB version? If so, are your citation tags within the curly braces (assuming that’s the type you’re using to delimit cites)? If you drag them over into Scrivener, the curly braces will come with them (assuming your Drag/Drop style in Format > Drag/Drop is set to Citation ID).

Anyway, here are two files: the original source document and the scanned one - do yours not come out like this? I am using Pages after compiling from Scrivener, but do not use the footnote format in Scrivener - I added these in Pages. Perhaps it’s something specific to the word processor you’re using? I understand there were some problems with Word 2011. I tried it and it seemed to work.

You might also have a look at this thread in the Sente forums or otherwise search them:
Test Source.pdf (24.1 KB)
Test Source (Chicago 15 NB).pages…pdf (46.6 KB)

Thank you all for your quick and gracious help. I think I got it nailed. If when the final work comes out, I’m still having problems then I will be back.

Thanks again!!! Scrivener is a fantastic tool.