Using small fonts in index cards


first of all: Scrivener is a fantastic piece of software!!! Great work!

I have a suggestion regarding “small fonts” in index card. If someone enables the option “use small fonts”, and then forgets this feature (like I did), then he will not understand why changing the fonts in the preferences does not change the fonts of the index cards.

Maybe you could give the user a hint in the preferences pane, that changing the fonts will not take effect, because the option “use small fonts” is enabled.

I have spent 2 hours, searching for the reason of this behavior and of course, it was my fault.

I could have read the manual, but (because I am software developer) I found the helping information in the file “ui.plist”, which is contained in the project file *.scriv. Strange way, I know.

Ok, thats all
ps: the coffee cup is really cool, nice idea

Hmm, do you have any advice for what might be a better way of handling this? Of course, do consider that this problem is project specific. If a person changes their default font, even if it doesn’t seem to do anything in Project X, so long as they didn’t set the Small Font option in Project Y, the change will show up there.

Well, it should be ok if you put a shorts explaining text bellow the “Fonts” section in the preferences pane of Corkboard. In the “Fonts” section of the “Appearance” preferences pane you have done so (Not all fonts support bold …).

This is a small modification of the software, and achieves the aim to give the user a hint. Furthermore this solution integrates perfectly in the clean structure of all preferences panes.