Using split screen

I am trying to use the split screen function so I can display two different versions of my novel side by side in split panes. I have managed to do a horizontal split for a single document (not what I need). I have also managed to open two documents at once. I just can’t seem to get one on top in a pane and the other in the bottom. Or side by side. Or anything. I’ve looked at Section 8 splits and printed it out but can’t seem to make it work (though I did like learning that Romans were paid in salt). Grateful for any answers…Thank you.

The View -> Layout submenu is probably what you’re looking for. It lets you choose between a horizontal and a vertical split, and lets you swap the two panes if needed.

The View -> Binder Affects submenu is also helpful, since it lets you edit in one pane while using the Binder to jump around in the other.


For splitting vertically, hold the Option key while clicking on the split icon in the editor’s header. Once it’s split, click into one, and then choose another file in the binder to view something else there.