Using status labels

Before getting Scrivener, I would save each wordprocessor draft (1st, 2nd, etc.) as multiple files (doc, doc_rev1, doc_rev2, etc). With Scrivener I can have a single project with each text document having its own revision status label. I would like to know how others use this feature, instead of multiple revision files, and if there is a way to indicate a document’s status in the binder.

Scrivener has a built-in tool for handling revisions like this, called “Snapshots”. The basics are covered fairly early on in the interactive tutorial (in the Help menu). Labels and status are good tools as well, but as you say it clutters the binder up a bit to handle all revisions at that level. Snapshots keep each revision tucked away in the binder item they relate to, so all you see is on the one “document” or chunk of text, but can go back through historic versions of that chunk of text in the sidebar.

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