Using Table >> Merge Cells Crashes Scrivener

I use tables in a few places to easily keep track of things. The table function works OK, but not great. I often need to add a row above or below a row already in the table (since there is no way to ‘sort’ the table by rows (that I can see) I add rows where I need them.)

Fine - it works…however, when I try to merge cells to create one large cell (say three cells instead of just one) Scrivener crashes. Every time.

When I pull it back up, it HAS inserted the row and merged the cells, but it has inserted two rows! That wouldn’t be a problem, except, that it ALWAYS crashes. Every. Single. Time.

I’m using Windows 10.

Update: I had to insert another row, and added content to a cell in a row. Then I tried to merge the cell AFTER I added the content to the cell. Scrivener crashed again, but THIS TIME, everything below the newly inserted row disappeared! I just lost a WHOLE LOT OF DATA! I had saved Scrivener prior to inserting the row, but I don’t know how to retrieve the text document with the saved data! Help please!